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Will AI take my job?

The answer is not entirely but lots of UI/UX research could be replaced by AI. Also, if you are a graphic designer, you are likely to be replaced by some AI tool.

Do we need user personas?

It all depends on the scenario. In some cases, you do need personas, but in most cases, you don’t. Try to design products for a common denominator, i.e., less tech-savvy people.

Shall I become UI/UX designer in 2024?

Is this your real passion, or are you trying to make a living? By the way, YouTubers and Instagram influencers make more money. What story are you telling yourself? For example: I want to make the web beautiful… etc. I want to solve complex problems… etc....

Is UX dead?

The simple answer is NO. Like any other industry, the UX industry is maturing too. Hang in there.